Viking Filaments® BVOH - 1.75mm - 750g - Natural

Viking Filaments Viking Filaments

SoluNOiD's own brand - Premium Filament properties

  • Produced in Europe
  • Tolerance på +/- 0.05mm
  • Good bonding to various build materials such as: ABS, ASA, PLA, PET, PA, PC and TPU
  • Excellent water solubility. Higher solubility than PVA
  • Easy to print at low temperature
  • Helps you by printing specific, complex models
  • Light-and UV-sensitive

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An everyday filament beyond the ordinary

Featured Features:

  • Primarily usable as support material
  • Biodegradable
  • Limited odor
  • Adheres super well to ABS, ASA, PLA, PETG, PA, PC and TPU
  • Easy to print with at low temperatures
  • Dissolves easily in water, easier than PVA

It is recommended to have over 60 degrees on the build plate during printing. Do not exceed 230 degrees on the nozzle, as the material then crystallizes quickly and then stops flowing and cannot be dissolved in water anymore.

Why choose Viking Filaments BVOH?
PVA is generally an easy material to work with. It is the most widely used material because:

  • Very high quality
  • It is easy to print with
  • It can be used for a wide range of materials as support
  • Printed at relatively low temperatures

PVA is also biodegradable, and it must therefore be avoided that it is exposed to constant humidity and large temperature fluctuations. Comes in a vacuum packed bag and should be put back in the bag soon after use to avoid absorption of moisture along with a bag of silicate.

Brand Viking Filaments
Material PVA
Diameter 1.75mm
Diameter tolerance +/- 0,05 mm
Color Natur
Weight 500g
Print temperature 195°C - 215°C
Heated bed required No
Recommended heated bed temperature 35°C - 60°C
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