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    PolyLite™ LW-PLA is a special foamed PLA designed to print with similar settings as regular PLA but with half the weight. PolyLite™ LW-PLA is not an active foaming filament, which means it will not foam when extruded from the nozzle depending on the temperature. PolyLite™ LW-PLA is already pre-foamed. Light Weight Easy to Print Polymaker-Quality...

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  • PMPT

    PolyTerra™ PLA filament featuring Jamfree™ Technology PolyTerra™️ PLA is a bioplastic based 3D printing filament designed from the ground up to create the next generation of PLA, providing ease of use, printing quality, speed and reliability. It is a sustainable product sourced naturally and for every spool produced a tree is planted to give back to the...

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  • 65000

    WHAT IS LOKBUILD? LokBuild is the ultimate 3D printing surface for FFF/FDM 3D printers. It is a long lasting alternative to films and tapes. LokBuild can be easily cut to suit the exact shape and size of your 3D printers build surface. LokBuild is made from uniquely textured sheets that attach to your build plate easily with heat-resistant adhesive...

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