mycusini® 3D Template Overview

Procusini Procusini
  • Quick overview of more than 800 templates.
  • With images of all 3D choco templates and information on choco consumption.
  • Clearly arranged according to categories.
  • With the mycusini® 3D Template Overview you stay up to date.

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Ideal to work offline with the mycusini®. Simply select a 3D object in the mycusini® 3D Template Overview and select the desired object on the mycusini® display.

Templates in pictures

Organised by category, you get a quick overview of more than 800 templates. Each template is shown with an image.

Choco consumption

You don’t know whether your mycusini® 3D Choco is still sufficient for the next object? Simply refer to the information in the mycusini® 3D Template Overview. Here you will find the consumption in percent for each 3D object from the mycusini® template library.

Staying up to date

Every mycusini® comes with a mycusini® 3D Template Overview. If you want to have a quick overview of all templates after several extensions to our template library, it is best to order the newest mycusini® 3D Template Overview.

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